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Adaptiv in Action

Our devices and solutions have been deployed on 5000+ sites in France and across Europe. Here are some examples of what our clients are trying to solve, ranging from energy efficiency to worker safety.

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Building Energy Management

Topics: Long lasting autonomous sensors, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing


Our Smart Sensors Series are used to manage building energy efficiency.

This new generation of tiny sensors (2.5cm x 2.5cm x .3mm) is revolutionizing how sensors are deployed and managed inside buildings. With a 5-year autonomy and peer connectivity through all our devices, these sensors can be deployed everywhere without gateways or electricity connections.

With this freedom of deployment and management, it is now possible to measure and adjust in real-time building energy consumption, collecting and analyzing continuous data, identify optimizations in equipment schedules, set points and flow rates to improve energy efficiency.

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Social distancing and Flex-Office

Topics: COVID, social distancing, Flex-office, artificial intelligence, radar, lidar


Making sure that offices are used at the right capacity in real-time through radar and lidar technologies

Ensure that social distancing rules are respected in case of emergency

Allow real-time management of office space for Flex-office, as well as deciding when a space needs to cleaned based on actual traffic or re-supplied based on rules set up par building managers


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Passengers with Reduced Mobility at CDG Airport

Topics: GPS, LTE-M, Wifi positioning, artificial intelligence, Cloud computing


Tracking in real-time seats movements within all terminals

Predict traffic based on planes schedules and propose best itinerary for operators

Ensure safety of personnel and passengers

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PPE in nuclear plants

Topics: Artificial intelligence, radar, lidar


Ensuring that protective equipment is worn in special areas within a nuclear plant.


We have designed and deployed a machine vision solution that can detect in real-time if workers are wearing the right equipment (dosimeters, helmets,…) and generate  alerts.

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